25 interesting facts about the Jeni

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1. I like teaching people Chinese (Hello – Ni hao pronounced - Knee How, see you now know one Chinese word)
2. I speak 3 languages, Putonghua (Chinese), Jiujiangwa and English) and am trying to learn more Japanese and Korean.
3. I hate English grammar, it doesn’t make any sense
4. I like taking long, hot showers
5. I just learned to swim this past year and I really like it, call me Nemo
6. I do not like drinking the dirty pool water
7. I like to take long walks
8. I like to travel with my two sisters, I haven’t been too many places, hopefully soon
9. I like to annoy my little brother, Zhang Long.
10. I try to workout at least 3 times a week by going dancing, yoga or to the gym. Sometimes I am too lazy and do not make it three times.
11. I made Peter take Latin dance lessons. He hated it at first but seemed to like it later. He was very bad at first but he kept trying.
12. I don’t understand American’s sense of humor or slang but I am trying to learn.
13. I am tired of typing “I” in every sentence. I am very uncomfortable talking about myself but I am trying to learn Peter’s culture. If I make a mistake please forgive me.
14. I like trying all different types of food. I love pizza, Buffalo wings, chili, kim chi, mashed potatoes, shrimp, slow cooked, southern style BBQ spareribs. I can’t wait to try many more new dishes.
15. I like following fashion, I read 2-3 magazines a month to stay current.
16. I love to shop. For those of you like me, China is the best place to go shopping. You can buy nice shoes for around $5, tee shirts for $1 etc. If you come here I will show you around.
17. One day I hope to own my own clothing store.
18. I miss my grandmother, she died 3 years ago.
19. I am learning to cook , Peter says my sweet and sour pork is the best. He just made me add that he likes my mondu (dumplings) the best too.
20. I don’t like studying but unfortunately it’s the only way to learn something.
21. I like snow but I hate the cold。
22. I am very afraid of dogs.
23. The Korean restaurant by my house has dog on the menu. I am going to go back and take a picture. My friend from Canada has tried it and said it tastes like mutton.
24. I get very upset when Peter beats me in Chinese Chess. He is not Chinese, I am, how embarrassing. Actually I am very proud that he learned so fast.
25. I am so happy that this list is finished. It has taken over 5 days to finish. I was very stressed over this. I am done, yea!


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